Kelly Kathleen Ferguson is the author of My Life as Laura: How I Searched for Laura Ingalls Wilder and Found Myself (Press 53). Her other work has previously appeared in The Gettysburg Review, New England Review, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Cincinnati Review, mental_floss magazine, and other publications.  In the past ten years she has moved from southern Louisiana to southern Ohio back to southern Louisiana to southern Utah back to southern Ohio, where she is Assistant Professor of Magazine Media in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.  
Kelly is a Libra, Cancer rising, moon in Aquarius. Her Enniagram is 6, The Loyalist, with a 5 wing, The Investigator. Her aura is violet tinged with green. The love line of her palm reveals a sensitive nature with a weak heart, while Graphology indicates she is disorganized, creative, impulsive, insecure, and emotionally removed. Origins are somewhat Irish/French/German. Lapsed Roman Catholic. Right-brained. When she was four, she ate a moth ball and had to have she stomach pumped or she would have died. 

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